Our products are made with 100% cotton and/or recycled objects and crafted with dexterity and passion to your home, but some of them require special attention! 


The leather handles of the Bolga baskets, fans and fabric fans should always stay dry. To clean them, use a dry cloth or slightly wet with rubbing alcohol and spot clean.



For shipping purposes, we will compress, flatten the baskets. No worries! ;) 

The baskets may look misshapen, but just sprinkle or spray (preferred) cold water on the parts that need reshaping allow the grass to absorb moisture bend and reshape it as needed and it will regain its original form.



The fans are finished in leather. To prevent mold growth, do not place them in a damp and closed place. We recommend that you do a regular cleaning (3 to 4 times a year)


Throws and pillows 

Be aware that the materials used for making throws and pillows are from natural origin and handmade. So, to avoid denaturing them, we recommend cleaning the dirty parts with a cloth and non-chemical products; avoid soaking them in water. Spot and soft cleaning are strongly recommended. 

Some dry cleaners may not be comfortable cleaning.

Some of the fabric are designed with natural dyes, we cleaned each bache to avoid bleedings but to maintain the quality and colors of the fabrics we advise to only use them for decorative purposes.