Two sisters from Burkina Faso, living both on different continents creating their dream.


Cynthia and Sandy (C&S) have this love for African fabrics in all shades and colors, textures.  We have always proudly worn them and wanted to make our beloved African culture integrate part of our home. 


From her apartment in New York, Cynthia started drawing and making pillow covers out of fabrics brought from her Homeland and with the help of her sister Sandy, decorated the apartment with all sorts of African fabrics and accessories. It   started as simple as showing  it to friends, our close ones  shared some pictures and in a blink of an eye, more and more people wanted us to bring this fresh breeze with a touch of elegant African products to their home.


We know that African loincloths and prints of natural dyes have a long history. C&S Wogda specializes in home decor based on 100% cotton fabrics and weavings from different countries of the African continent.


We try to promote, enhance, the beauty of African culture to the rest of the world. Welcome to a journey, to amaze your eyes and warm your heart.



C&S Wogda is the chic, artistic boutique that specialize in Home decor. Our network of artisans is in Africa; brave men and women who keep our cultural traditions. 

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